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It's finally here, your wedding day, the day you've dreamed of your whole life. As you look through your parent's wedding album you envision holding your own. Every beautiful detail, every emotion, every gaze.  You want to remember as if you were there again and again.


You're looking for heirlooms that you can pass down for generations to come beyond the standard and standing the test time.  Not just snapshots of the day, but a collection of art you can display on the walls of your home with joy and pride.


I believe every image is living art and your wedding photos are an essential part of the legacy of your marriage.   Each delicate detail must be documented with reverence, from the moments of the bride's preparation to the groom's loving gaze as his bride approaches. 


I'm a photographer that is an encourager, an artist and a friend. Making your day as easy as it is beautiful is what I am proud of and I would love to meet you. 


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