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Tony + Alicia Johnson | Gatlinburg, TN Wedding

I've known Tony since about 2005. Back before I was a photographer I thought I was going to be a rockstar and our band's played shows together. He worked at a local music store that I still go to (probably more than I should). When he told that he was getting married in Gatlinburg I probably got a little too excited. I grew up in Tennessee and it will always have a special place in my heart!

We met up for coffee to go over details and I got to meet his lovely fiancé Alicia. She's great, I don't know how he worked that one out!

When I pulled up to the beautiful cabin they rented for the weekend I got even more excited than I already was! It was an amazing four story cabin at the top of a mountain. The ceremony was on the top floor that had an incredible view of the valley below. I definitely got my workout that weekend going up and down four flights of stairs, but I'll blame my shortness of breath on the altitude :)

I was getting all the prep shots done and then we realized that Tony didn't bring the right shoes! I happened to be wearing nice black dress shoes and we happened to be the same size so he used my shoes and I shot the whole day barefoot! Well, until I remember that I brought another pair. Good thing it was a laid back crew! The ceremony was wonderful with just a handful of friends and family, I was so honored to be among the few to be there and capture such a beautiful day.

Congratulations Tony and Alicia!

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