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Rob + Jana | Downtown Fairhope, AL Engagement

We are suckers for anything love and marriage and wedding related around here. So meeting with Rob and Jana for coffee to get to know them, I knew they would be a lot of fun to shoot. This couple has such a sweet chemistry.

We made to trek out to Fairhope, AL for their engagement shoot. This was my first time in Fairhope and I must say I’m in love! If you havent been to this town, go ahead and put it on your calendar to have a romantic day. This little gem in Alabama is the cutest. There are coffee shops and candy shops and gorgeous landscaping everywhere. My kind of place! What is most special about this town for Rob and Jana is that their first date was spent there. They spend the entire day there together and I imagine their date was just like the movies.

We were excited because this was Tim's FIRST official engagement shoot on film! He had been practicing and learning and experimenting for months leading up to this day. He was extremely pleased with these images. This is the shoot that really inspired Tim's love for film photography. He was so giddy when he got the images back after processing them!

Rob and Jana are so in love and we really look forward to their big day!

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