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Noel + Catherine | Holley By The Sea Wedding

Noel and Catherine's wedding was such an amazing day!  I couldn't have been more excited to spend the day with them and all their family and friends.  

The day started out with all the girls getting pampered at the salon that Noel and his Mom own.  It had such a good vibe to it, classy and modern with a lot of natural light coming from their big front windows.  After the hair and make up wrapped up the girls headed over to a family friend's house to get dressed.  Catherine's dress was absolutely beautiful!  It's always such a sweet moment for mom's to help their daughters put on their wedding dress.

Once everyone was ready we started making our way over to the ceremony location.  I love this time of the day!  There always so much eager anticipation.  My assistant and I were snapping some of the final details of the ceremony and reception set up.  The ceremony was beautiful!  Blue skies and right on the water.  

After the ceremony we went over to the reception and had the first dances.  This was my first wedding since my daughter was born and I'll tell you what, I was a blubbering mess during the father/daughter dance!  Noel and Catherine's first dance was really lovely, there just something about a couple dancing for the first time as a married couple.

After the first dances we went over to the pier that was near by and get Noel and Catherine's portrait session in, and man they were like models!  They were so easy to work with and you could just see they love they have for each other!

Then the dancing... My goodness!  They danced for 4 hours!  What a party!  I couldn't believe the stamina.  I've never shot a wedding where that many people danced for so long, it was amazing!  Everyone was having a great time celebrating Noel and Catherine.  It was really one for the books.

I'm so happy for y'all!  

Photography: Timothy Monk Photography  • DJ: BZar DJs • Rentals: Gulf Coast Tents • Hair and Make-Up: Paraiso Hair Studio

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