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Jessica + Eric | Bear Lake National Park Engagement

Anyone else ever feel that hunger for adventure? There’s something about exploring new terrain you've never seen before. Like, maybe after this hike I can build a log cabin for my family and cook up some squirrel for dinner. Okay, okay, Im just joking. So last month, we (plus our baby girl) made the drive out to Bear Lake National Park. Honestly, we don’t have much experience with hiking, so this was a great beginner trail for us. After dousing ourselves with tons of bug spray (these Florida bugs ain’t no joke) we made our journey, enjoying all of the landscape along the way.

We came upon an amazing boardwalk in the middle of the trail. It was built around all of these tall pine trees in a sort of zig zag pattern above a marsh area. Of course, we are always looking for new locations to have photoshoots for our clients. We became super inspired in this area of the woods and we just HAD to find a couple to shoot our here!

Eric and Jessica couldn't have found a more perfect couple to make this trek. Turns out they actually LOVE hiking and Eric had lots of family memories camping and swimming at this park. We were so pumped to get them to that location on the trail. Jessica picked THE most gorgeous flowing dress in a color that gracefully made her stand out amidst all of the green. Tim had his film loaded and ready and couldn't wait to start posing and shooting.

They were such troopers to hike out in those outfits. You know when you thought you remembered something being closer but then you get out there and you were mistaken? Hmmmmm. Photography is all about the lighting, and it felt like we were literally racing the sun! Everytime we made a turn around a corner, we said, “We are almost there guys!” We stopped anywhere gorgeous along the way. By the third time saying that, it was finally true haha! About an hour later into our hike, we finally arrived at the boardwalk.

These images turned out so dreamy, this might be my favorite engagement session yet. But I might say that every time… Eric and Jessica were so great to work with. They had such romantic chemistry and it was easy to get them to snuggle up and be cute. I hope to have the opportunity to shoot at more National Parks. Congratulations on your Engagement Jessica and Eric!

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