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Blake + Rebecca Schnyder | Big Lagoon State Park Wedding

This couple is about as sweet and southern as it gets. Both from Molino, FL they had the country charm that we all love. The couple chose to get ready at a condo in Innerarity Point. If you haven't been out there, you're missing out on this gem in Pensacola. I just LOVE the anticipation of getting ready. All of the preparation and details were just perfect as Becca was surrounded by the love her girlfriends and family. What amazed me the most about all of the details is that the bride did most of it herself. She's gifted in the DIY crafty y'all. And what would a southern wedding be without some monogrammed shirts?

Rebecca was stunning in her dress. The light in that room just made her glow and anyone could tell she had been waiting patiently for this day her whole life. At the other condo, Blake was with his buddies looking sharp. The bride had a photo of his beloved grandma and grandpa restored and framed for Blake's gift. There wasn't a dry eye on that porch. We then all drove to The Big Lagoon State Park for the ceremony and reception.

Another thing about southern girls is that they have an untouchable bond with their dads. You could tell her father was so proud to see her in that gown and he was honored to walk her down the aisle. All of the bridal party was anxiously waiting for the bride's entrance. Right around the corner she came with most loving smile to her groom. Blake being a man of few words with a stoic demeanor, did not hesitate to shed tears at the sight of his bride! What every girl dreams of...

Everyone couldn't wait to get to the reception and you know they had some good food and dancing! During all of the partying we snuck out for sunset pictures on the boardwalk. Everything that day was perfect. You could feel the love. I wish you both the best and a marriage full of joy and laughter! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Schnyder!

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